About Boston User Groups

Boston User Groups, AKA BUG, is a close association of experienced IT and Developer technology group leaders who have stepped forward to produce and maintain resources in service to the general community.
The Community is composed of the leaders from any software or hardware platform specific group that meets on a regular basis. BUG provides various services. The main service is this website which is our central information repository of any affordable computer technology event, activity, or meeting scheduled by our member leaders.

Boston User Groups is a non-profit service organization established by community leaders for community leaders. We are volunteers that want to give back to the community. Most of us run other user groups and want to help others develop and grow there own user groups. We want to share our many years of experience and develop community programs that truly make our community a model for how the “technology community” can help the community. Geographic location of user group does not matter but we are focused for now on the New England market (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT) We are committed to the success of the leaders and their groups. We will do whatever we can (we are an all volunteer organization) to help these groups succeed. We are mostly a collaboration mechanism to help user group leaders meet and exceed their group objectives. As you can tell from our list of members we are an agnostic umbrella organization. Our groups include Linux, Unix, Mac, Windows, Device, Gaming, Developers, IT Pro’s, End User, and many more.

Boston User Groups known as BUG is reaching out to all known New England based user groups of any computer related technology to establish a basic working relationship with each other. If you are interested in taking advantage of the services we offer, or you know anyone that may be interested, please forward this communication to them.

At this time, BUG is establishing a robust infrastructure for a our website for linking all of the groups. Getting on this list is basically the first step in the process for new user groups. BUG is hoping to be recognized by User Group Leaders as a central focal point of timely, accurate, and useful information on events, available speakers on various topics, etc. BUG wishes to extend our relationship with user groups from all disciplines including gamers, desktop and network technologies, security, open source, media creators, application coders and many others. We expect to automate the registration process very soon, for now if you would like to become a member, send your cantact and group information to Board.AT.BostonUserGroups.org (replace the .AT. with @)


A few of the “Services” BUG is either providing now or will be providing in the near future:

  1. Monthly Calendar for user groups to post their meeting informaiton.
  2. Listserv and Other Technologies available
  3. Cross Pollination and Promotion – Put programs in place to help user groups “get the word out” about their events.

Future Plans

  1. Documentation Assistance – Assistance with bylaws for new groups, tax status decision, checklists for putting on events, etc.
  2. Presentation Library – Library of power points and Virtual machines so leaders can “download” an “event in a box”
  3. Speaker Bureau – Allow individuals that “want” to present to sign up and allow groups that “need” a speaker to find one easily.
  4. Podcast Special Events – Recording Committee – Have recording equipment available to take to special events put on by user group leaders with the purpose of making a live meetings or podcast for web distribution
  5. Monthly “Spot Light” – We send out detail information about a group and their upcoming meeting with the intent of helping “promote” the group and the event.
  6. Community Service Award Program