Join Boston User Groups

Joining Boston User Groups is easy to do and is absolutely FREE.  We will add your community group to our list of groups, and put your group’s meetings and events on the appropriate calendars.  If you already have an online calendar which supports ical feeds, we can accept the feed to automatically syndicate and synchronize your meetings and events.


Benefits to Joining BUG

Boston User Groups is open to all user groups, Meetups, podcast/webcasts which are free or affordable to the public.  Joining BUG will give your group a higher level of exposure and drive traffic.

  • Get invited to our events.  Boston User Groups throws a Community Leader Summit twice each year.  This event is free and open to any technical community leaders or individuals interested in becoming community leaders.  Joining BUG will ensure you are receiving invitations to each of our events.
  • Drive additional traffic to your community group.  The Boston User Groups website is a great resource where viewers search for groups in their area.
  • Advertise your regular meetings.  Whether you have a recurring regular meeting, or choose to syndicate your existing online calendar using an ical feed, your meetings will be viewable on the website.
  • Advertise your events.  Whether your running a Loadfest, SQL Saturday, or another special event, we will make sure it is displayed

How to Join BUG

  1. Fill out the BUG Signup Form.  You will hear back from someone as soon as your information is accepted and approved.  If you do not hear from anyone within 3 days, please email
  2. Add the Boston User Group logo to your group’s website to show you are a participant in this greater community.  Use the following HTML code:
    <iframe style="border: none;" src="" width="264" height="129" scrolling="no"></iframe>

    The result should look like: