Kubernetes: Production Grade Container Orchestration

November 17, 2016 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
355 Main St
Cambridge, MA 02142

Please join us for an incredible meetup, hosted by Google in Kendall Square!

We have 2 awesome presenters lined up, with details below. Food and beverages will be served!

First Talk:

“Let’s Play Real Chaos Monkeys”

Description: Kubernetes is a powerful, open source, container orchestration / cluster management tool created by Google. It drew upon all the lessons learned from a near-decade of using containers at Google. Kubernetes handles a number of failure scenarios gracefully, from a crashed process, to a failure of a cluster node. We’ll show this through a real Raspberry Pi computing cluster that runs Kubernetes – and play a real-life chaos monkey by pulling the plugs!

In this session, we’ll look beyond container orchestration with Kubernetes, but also demonstrate its failure handling by pulling the plugs on random nodes from a Raspberry Pi computing cluster: – Overview of Kubernetes – Process resource isolation to prevent a run-away process affecting another – Use Replication controller to ensure a crashed process is restarted – Who wants to pull a network or power plug from a computing cluster? Let’s play real chaos monkeys.

Second Talk:

“Deploying a Secure Kubernetes Cluster with Ansible Tower”

Want to save yourself 6 hours of configuration to deploy a Kubernetes cluster in a secure configuration? With Ansible Tower by Red Hat, Andrew Huffman will demo the work he’s done automating the configuration process from start to finish in under a half hour. When the demo is over a new Kubernetes cluster will be fully deployed and ready to run containerized work loads securely on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.