April 21, 2018 @ 8:30 am – 5:45 pm

18-Mar-2018: UPDATE – The new combined event has a site: The combined location to register is on eventbrite (not meetup): 28-Feb-2018: UPDATE – this event will be COMBINED with the one Jason Haley is organizing. Thus, there will be one “mega” azure bootcamp in Burlington. REGISTRATION FOR THAT COMBINED EVENT IS COMING SOON; it is not open yet. We expect to accommodate 100% of the people who have signed up so far for Boston Azure. — 13-Feb-2018: UPDATE – while Maura and I have been planning to help run this event from Boston/Cambridge, turns out we will be out of the country. At this point we MAY have TWO CHOICES: * There is an event already planned in Burlington. EXPAND the event in Burlington (multi-track may be possible) * HOLD AN EVENT IN Boston/Cambridge (will need volunteers to step up – I can help get speakers) IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CONVERSATION, please join our slack community ( THEN check out the #global-bootcamp-2018 channel (; you can also comment below. NOTE: location not reserved// — We have started PLANNING for the 2018 Global Azure Bootcamp. We have a DATE. MANY DETAILS BELOW WILL CHANGE, but including for now so folks know what the day is about. More details will come as available. Sincerely,@bostonazure ( 2017 LISTING FOLLOWS—————————– The #GlobalAzure ( ) event is a free all-day hands-on event where you can come and learn about Azure from local Microsoft Azure enthusiasts and experts, but part of a coordinated effort across more than 200 event sites AROUND THE WORLD on a single day. It consists of a day of sessions and hands on labs. This is a BRING YOUR LAPTOP hands-on experience (preparation instruction are listed below). This is one of two locations locally – the other is by North Boston Azure group and will take place in Burlington ( ). Sign up for either one, but please don’t sign up for both. Sincerely, @bostonazure WHEN Saturday April 21, 2018. Doors open around 8:30 AM. Event doors open at 9:00 AM and starts at 9:30 AM. FOOD Yes LOCATION MOVING TO BURLINGTON