Drone Dealer Expo – Orlando

April 11, 2016 – April 13, 2016 all-day

Drone Dealer Expo is a 3-day event focused on the Channel, bringing together Drone manufacturers, distributors and resellers at a dedicated place and time to exchange ideas and techniques, and to learn about new products and selling opportunities.

If you are a drone reseller, distributor or adding drones to your product lines, attend Drone Dealer Expo to:
• Meet with new manufacturers
• Learn the product roadmaps of the major players in the industry
• Find new products to sell
• Learn what’s hot and how to sell it
• Understand the changing face of FAA regulations
• Learn the best techniques in merchandising, warranties, and selling

Check out these sample classes and panels!
• I sell drones – do I need my 333 exemption?
• Managing your drone service department
• What does GoPro’s entry into the market mean for you
• Upselling higher-priced drones
• Selling drones used for surveying and mapping
• How to profit from the FPV drone racing and customization market
• Panel: Trends in Aerial Cinematography
• Big Box versus Mom & Pop – How independents can be successful
• Panel: FAA Regulations: The Latest Outlook
• Hidden opportunities in precision agriculture
• Drones and the Law — What’s on the Horizon
• Marketing inspection-oriented drones
• Offering education to your customers for fun and profit
• Emerging markets for aerial videography
• Private Label Drones: Who is selling what to whom
• How to Be Successful as a Dealer in the Drone Industry
• First-Person View (FPV) Flying 101 – What you need to know
• Selling drones used for Aerial Photography
• Should you Build and Sell Your Own UAVs?
• Changing Public’s Perception of Drones
• DroneKit: The Application Platform and Toolkit for Drones
• Best selling warranty programs and how to make them walk out the door
• Drones and Insurance: The Cost of Ownership
• Selling Drones that Meet the Needs of Enterprises
• Dronecode and Open Pilot: What you need to know about
• Drone Open-Source Software
• Zen and the Art of Multirotor Maintenance
• An Overview of Electric Power Systems
• Finding and Selling to International Customers Online
• Panel: Leading VCs Discuss Next Wave of Drone Innovation
• Selling Drones to Save Lives: Firefighting and Search & Rescue