DevOps in Azure: Deploying Azure Infrastructure with HashiCorp Terraform

March 30, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Microsoft NERD New England Research & Development Center (One Memorial Drive
MA 02142)

Join us for a DevOps-focused meeting featuring talks on DevOps in Azure generally, then how one might use the popular HashiCorp toolbox with Azure to get even more DevOpsy. Featuring two speakers coming in from out of town. We have Eugene from Microsoft in Redmond and Andrew from HashiCorp itself. Their bios and the talk descriptions have been added below. Hope to see you there! Location  • NERD @ One Memorial Drive, 1st floor, Sampson/Paul – Theatre style • Be sure to bring government-issued photo ID for admittance to the building  Agenda • 6:00 – 6:30 – Gather, grab a bite, socialize  • 6:30 – 7:15 – Eugene talk on DevOps in Azure • 7:15 – 8:30 – Andrew talk on HashiCorp Toolbox for Azure • 8:30 – … – maybe get a social beverage locally  DevOps in Azure (talk 1 of 2) Abstract: DevOps, with its principles of collaboration, rapid iteration and continuous cloud deployments, is all about maximizing the velocity of software delivery. Traditional waterfall approaches with their risk minimization strategies do not allow for fast software release cycles; DevOps philosophy is one way to remediate that. Microsoft has been working closely with HashiCorp, the company behind Vagrant and Terraform products (among other popular OSS offerings), over the past 9 months to enable DevOps in Azure for both Open Source and Microsoft-based workloads. In this talk, we’ll share what we’ve learned about the enterprises adopting DevOps and how Azure customers can benefit from bringing those practices to their cloud application delivery today. Speaker Bio: Eugene Chuvyrov is a Cloud Architect with Microsoft. He helps companies in the San Francisco Bay area extend, migrate and take full advantage of Microsoft Azure, including encouraging them to use HashiCorp tools as part of their journey to the cloud. Prior to Microsoft, Eugene worked as a software engineer across multiple platforms and dev stacks, from .Net to Python and even R. HashiCorp Toolbox for Azure (talk 2 of 2) Abstract: With the advent of Agile methodologies in software development and dynamic API-driven infrastructure in the cloud, traditional workflows in delivery and provisioning remain a major bottleneck in the overall software development lifecycle. DevOps principles allow companies to harness the speed and flexibility of these modern systems by parallelizing the workflows of developers, operators, and security teams alike, rather than keeping them dependent on each other. Microsoft has been a major player in many layers of the stack for the last several decades, and has used their expertise to develop a cloud service that enables companies to run their applications without the complexity and limitations of running a datacenter. In this talk we will look at how using Hashicorp’s Terraform empowers companies by marrying modern DevOps workflows with Microsoft’s Azure cloud. Bio: Andrew Khoury is a Solutions Engineer for Hashicorp. He has spearheaded projects in several fields of computing, including infrastructure, web and mobile software, and IOT, and now uses his expertise in workflow and management to teach companies the lessons he’s learned about DevOps.