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To Register your user group on Boston User Groups Website send an email to:
Board @ Remove spaces
The following should be included in the email...
Group Info (Public Information):
   - Group Name:
   - Group URL:
   - Meeting Location:
   - Meeting Date/Day of Month/Time:
   - User Group Focus (Windows Server, Linux, C#, Etc):
   - City (primary meeting location)    
   - Meeting State (MA/RI/NH/CT/ME/VT/Online/Etc): 
   - Facility (What building do you meet at?)   
   - Target Audience: (Yes / No to each)
       - IT Pro Audience   
       - Developer Audience   
       - Consumer Audience   
       - Business Audience
   - What is the typical cost of a meeting or event:
   - Public Email [optional]:
   - Board/Leadership Public Email [optional]:
   - Additional Notes (More information you would like to supply to the public:
Leader Info (Private Information): 
  - Leader Name :
  - Leader Email :
  - Leader Phone (Just in case):
  - Board/Leadership Private Email:
  - Additional Notes (Additional Leader Names, Etc):
We hope to have this process online and automated soon :)